Blue Drop Monitoring Kits

Blue Drop Monitoring Kits

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A Blue Drop test kit for SANS 0241 compliance testing anywhere from catchment to consumer

This portable kit consists of simple-to-use hand-held instrumentation ideal for routine drinking water monitoring and compliance with the Blue Drop Certification program.

The key features include:

  • Advanced Turbidity/Total Suspended Solids (TSS) Turbimeter using the Palintest® QuadoptiX™ measurement system for accurate and stable turbidity readings
  • Reliable Chlorine (Free and Total) measurement system using the international standard method (DPD) developed by Dr Palin
  • Rapid measurement for pH and conductivitywith robust probes

Kit Contents

Compact Chlorometer Photometer Palintest 800 Multiparameter meter Compact Turbimeter
All the accessories required including
5 glass cuvettes, sample container , 10ml syringe, test tube brush , crush rods, instruction manual,
a pack for creating de-ionised water, Silicone
Oil and Chlorometer Check Standards.

Calibration solutions for pH, conductivity and turbidity (SDVB) All supplied in a hard case with reagents
for 100 Free and 100 Total Chlorine tests.

PTH 8099 Blue Drop Kit