Filter Flask , Glass 1000ml

Filter Flask , Glass 1000ml

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1000mL filter flask features sidearm tubulation for easy connection to filter pump hoses. Heavy wall, graduated on side, flat bottom. Neck finished to give excellent fitting for #8 rubber stopper.

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Büchner flask

A Büchner funnel is attached to the flask via a black elastomer adapter. The hose barb is connected via vacuum hose to a vacuum source such as an aspirator. The flask should be clamped before use or the hose will likely cause it to tip.

Cross section of a Büchner Flask. Note the hose barb pointing right for attaching a vacuum source.
A Büchner flask, also known as a vacuum flask,[1] filter flask, suction flask, side-arm flask or Kitasato flask, is a thick-walled Erlenmeyer flask with a short glass tube and hose barb protruding about an inch from its neck. The short tube and hose barb effectively act as an adapter over which the end of a thick-walled flexible hose (tubing) can be fitted to form a connection to the flask. The other end of the hose can be connected to source of vacuum such as an aspirator, vacuum pump, or house vacuum.

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Filter Flask , Glass 1000ml
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