Sorbitol Solution 70% (Non Crystalized)

Sorbitol Solution 70% (Non Crystalized)

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Description : Sorbitol Solution 70% (Non Crystalized)

CAS Number‎: ‎ 50-70-4

Form: Solution





Other names: D-glucitol; L-Sorbitol; Sorbogem; Sorbo


  • In sugar free candy manufacture, sorbitol finds it application as a sugar free reduced calorie sweetener. It improves the candy’s softness and chewy texture.
  • In sugar free ice cream, it is usually used to provide sweetness, impart body and texture.
  • In Diabetic fruit jam and peanut butter, sorbitol is used as a humectants to reduce dryness and improve spread ability.
  • Textile and Leather Application:it  is usually used as a dispensing agent, humectant/bodying agent, and sequestering agent. It is used as a color stabilizer in textile printing, as a humectant in textile sizing, and as a softener in finishing.
  • Emulsion Products:it retards the loss of water by evaporation from oil in oil/water emulsions.
  • Tobacco Industry:Sorbitol is used to contribute to the flavour of chewing tobacco and used as humectant and conditioner
  • Adhesives Applications:The characteristics of sorbitol that it neither loses nor absorbs any appreciable quantity of water increases the viscosity of the glues composition, and its non-volatility are a merit in adhesive applications.
  • Pharmaceuticals Industry:As a good humectant and plasticizer sorbitol is usually used in emulsion ointments and in gelatine capsules. It is also finds uses in pharmaceutical syrups where it’s stability, non-cariogenicity and viscosity are an advantage. Sorbitol is also used medically in culture mediums to distinguish between various strains of bacteria such as E coli.
  • Others IndustriesSorbitol is used to make polyurethane foams with specific strength and absorbency which finds uses in, for instance, vehicle dashboards. It is also used as a chelator in metal working and is used in processes to anodize aluminum
  • Specifications

Non–Crystallizing SorbitolCrystallizing Sorbitol
DescriptionA clean colourless viscous liquidA clear colourless viscous liquid
Taste Specific gravity at 25°CMild Sweet1.285 min.Mild Sweet 1.290 min
Refractive Index at 20°C1.455 to 1.4651.457 to 1.462
Acidity Or*NMT 0.2 ml of 0.01 M Naoh or
NMT 0.3 ml of 0.01M
HCL Solution as per specified test in I.P
*NLT 12.8ml of 0.05M Sodium thiosulphate solution should be consumed as per specified test in I.P
Optical Rotation+1.5° to +3.5° (as per specified test in I.P.)0° to +1.5° (as per specified test in I.P.)
Clarity & ColourClear and colourlessClean and colourless
ArsenicNMT 2 ppmNMT 2ppm
Heavy MetalsNMT 10 ppmNMT 10 PPM
ChlorideNMT 50 ppmNMT 50 ppm
SulphateNMT 125 ppmNMT 125 ppm
NickelNMT 1 ppmNMT 1 ppm
Sulphated AshNMT 0.1% W/WNMT 0.1% W/W
Solid Matter68% to 72% W/W69% to 71% W/W
PolyolsNLT 62% W/W As D-Sorbitol
68% to 72% W/W As D- Sorbitol





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Sorbitol Solution 70% (Non Crystalized)


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