Wash Down Scales

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Wash Down Scales

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Adam Equipment offers a broad selection of durable, IP66-rated washdown scales for all types of weighing tasks. All washdown scales can be thoroughly hosed down or washed with a pressure washer, as they incorporate stainless steel parts and watertight seals.

Ideal for use in many industries, Adam washdown scales are well-suited for weighing food and beverages, powders, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or for any application needing a sealed scale for wet or dusty environments.

This allows for removal of any residual particles after weighing, which minimizes the possibility of cross-contamination, removes dirt build-up and helps eliminate the growth of bacteria, mold or other toxins.


Adam Equipment

Chem Lab Supplies is the official distributor for Adam Equipment South Africa.We Distribute a wide range of adam equipment South Africa products such as Analytical Balances,Precision balances,platform scales and many more
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WBW Wash Down Scales, WBW M Wash Down Scales (NRCS), Warrior Wash-Down Scales, WBZ Wash Down Retail Scales (NRCS)


WBW1.5M 1500g, WBW3M 3000g, WBW6M 6000g, WBW15M 15Kg, WSK8 8000g, WSK16 16Kg, WSK32 32Kg, WBK32H 32Kg, WBK32 32Kg, WBK75 75Kg, WFK75H 75Kg, WFK75 75Kg, WFK150 150Kg, WLK150 150Kg, WBW2 2000g, WBW4 4000g, WBW8 8000g, WBW16 16Kg, WBZ3 3000g, WBZ6 6000g, WBZ15 15Kg


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